Time and management

and how to make it better

There are three key elements of any global success:

  1. How much you do

  2. How fast you do

  3. How good you do

People can be good at many various things, which makes point 3 too individual to cover, although first two elements are general and basic for everyone, thus we dedicate this week to time and management.


The more you do, the more you can do. Organise your schedule, “I have a plan” feeling will help you to reduce stress and find your life-work balance. Here is Marc Andreessen talking about time, learning and vc business. Short:


Daily information you are in — one of the most challenging things to manage: emails, calls, news — all these can blow your mind and make your performance much lower than it actually is. The good news is modern tools become your weapon of management in the war for time.

Everyone hates their bloated inbox, so HEY has a focused Imbox instead. Your Imbox is where important, immediate emails go from people or services you care about.

Hey.com founders call it “you’ll never go back” better. Here is why:

  • Screening tool. When you first get an email from someone, a message at the top of the screen invites you to screen the sender. Then you are taken to the Screener menu, which shows a list of any first-time senders and gives you the option to click Yes or No to receiving emails from that address.

  • Anti-tracking technology. Email trackers come in many forms, including a single invisible pixel or special web fonts, and marketers frequently use them to detect when someone opens a message and even where that person is when the email is opened. Hey automatically detects emails containing trackers and alerts you when they have been blocked. That’s a step ahead of free services like Gmail, which offers minimal protections against tracking.

  • A place for receipts. When you get a receipt from a business or a trip itinerary, you can click the Move button to send it to a Paper Trail, which is essentially a folder for important documents.

  • Other email management tools. When you receive an important email that you don’t want to forget about, you can pin it so that a preview of the message remains at the bottom of the app screen. You can also flag emails you want to reply to later by tapping the Later button.

This is an invite only service, so to use it you will need to email iwant@hey.com and tell how you feel about emails in general.

That’s all by now.

Stay amazing <3