The social dilemma

Our life consists of daily social media updates; no wonder feed scrolling syndrome is a morning routine for many of us.

Healthy consumerism no longer refers to buying items, nowadays it’s also about the media content we watch. Facebook and Snapchat that used to be called social networking is now known as social media. Today’s online communication has nothing to do with long talks and conversations, it’s more about other ways of interaction: likes and dislikes.

How does it affect our like and mind? How is it connected to our habits and preferences? Can it form our point of view? This week we’ll try to find it out. Three people share their real experiences.

10 Things I’m Going to Do After Watching ‘The Social Dilemma’

by Pankhuri Shukla

At some point, we've all had our doubts about whether or not we're addicted to social media. Personally, I am pretty sure I lose a few brain cells every time I open the explore section of Instagram. The Social Dilemmaa recent docudrama release on Netflix, more or less, confirms this suspicion. However, that's not really the mind-blowing part of the film.

What left me absolutely stunned was the idea that social media addiction isn't an unintended consequence, rather a well thought-out objective. Turns out, all these years, Big Tech (Facebook, Twitter, Google etc) has been manipulating us and we didn't even realise.

But, it isn't too late to undo that damage, right?

At certain points, it lacks historical and social context sometimes but despite the gaps, it provides a good overview of the problem and (brownie points) also leaves you with productive tips at the end!

‘The Social Dilemma’ is in no way a tell-all expose of Big Tech’s big bad ways.

1. Turn off those notifications

2. Declutter my social media feeds

3. Quit! Doomscrolling!

4. Forget data, I need to start worrying about my attention

If you’re not paying for the product, then you are the product.

5. Stop looking at my phone first thing in the morning

6. Start CHOOSING my YouTube videos

7. Try to get a hobby that's not on my phone

8. Fact check. I repeat. Fact check.

9. Get people around me to watch it

10. I don't plan on deleting social media

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How I Stopped Letting Social Media Manipulate Me

by Anna Chui

As a blog editor, getting inspirations from different sources including the social media is simply what I do every day. I love reading all the interesting posts and videos on Facebook and looking at the amazing photos on Instagram; they’re all stimulating and can always inspire me the next topics to work on.

But there’s a downside for visiting the social media too often — you somehow get addicted to it easily. One more photo, a few more posts, and maybe a few more videos, and that’s how I’d just keep scrolling down the feed on Facebook at 12am.

We get triggered easily by what the social media shows us, leaving us little time to process our emotions, especially the negative ones.

  1. The first step to make me feel better was to get rid of the things (and people) who made me feel bad.

  2. Then, I muted all the social apps’ notifications and hid them inside a folder on the last page of my phone.

  3. I also set social media time limits; but instead of just restricting the time of using it, I kept the time without social media interesting.

  4. I’ve stopped letting the social media control my life, and I can still get writing inspirations from it.

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13 Things That Could Happen When You Quit Social Media

by Ashley Matskevich, MD

Social media is glorious fun and a colossal time-suck, not to mention pretty darn addictive. Here's what happens when you pull the plug, even for a short hiatus.

  1. You’ll get more work done, and you’ll do it faster

  2. You’ll get your creative juices flowing

  3. You might feel anxious at first

  4. You’ll feel less stressed

  5. You’ll feel more self-assured

  6. You’ll get more sleep

  7. You’ll strengthen your face-to-face relationships

  8. You’re less likely to get bored

  9. You’ll sit less

  10. You’ll learn more about yourself

  11. Your decision-making skills will improve

  12. You’ll argue less

  13. You’ll develop more emotional intelligence

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