Productivity tools

Having a plan is good, following a plan is better.

Productivity means results, results mean progress and progress finally leads you to success. When you follow your plan you feel calm and peaceful, you aren’t distracted by anxiety and nervousness.

So how to stay as productive as possible

  1. Mind your timing

    Track how much time you spend efficiently and how much time you waste on things you don’t actually need, concentrate on results, set achievable goals, rescue time.

  2. Limit your to-do list

    Focus on the most important things that bring you results and don’t be too much of a perfectionist when you create a to-do list, perfect is not only the enemy of good, it requires much more time.

  3. Get productive habits

    Habits are easier to perform for your brain, they require less energy. If you build right habits you will become faster and, as a result, more productive.

  4. Let your zero inbox go

    We can feel worried or even anxious when there is no order in our inbox. Some people get crazy about the idea of zero inbox and invest hours in making it look as clean as possible, although, in this case, the point is the more you try the more you have to try because sometimes making a zero inbox is too expensive in terms of time and even money.

  5. What is your productivity advice or tool?

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